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Whether your requirements are for temperature and humidity control or cleanliness class, Indoff, Inc - Material Handling Division is proud to offer state of the art cleanroom applications custom tailored to your workflow process. We continue to provide innovative solutions for both the private and public sectors to overcome seemingly insurmountable production issues.

A clean environment can maintain control over processes, improve productivity and lower failure rates due to contamination while demonstrating a commitment to total quality assurance. We team with many “Old Economy” Industrial Sector firms to bring them into compliance with the new Global ISO standards being demanded for successful international sales, especially trade with the European Union and its stringent cGMP requirements.

All cleanrooms are capable of meeting Federal 209 E Class 10 to 100, 000 (ISO 3 to ISO 8) Standards and built with a pre-engineered flush-type UL listed approved wall system to minimize particle concentration, microbial contamination and assure an operationally sound enclosure. Wall panels options are virtually boundless and are based around customer process specifications.

Our architectural products, mechanical solutions and master design builders allow for the creation and implementation of highly customized cleanrooms that many in the marketplace would never dream of being able to bring to a successful conclusion. See further Design Criteria for more information.

We proudly service the following industries or organizations:

US Military
Executive Branch Departments
Medical Devices
Biological Sciences
Research and Development

Our highly committed staff will offer process design improvement strategies for any environmental or climatic conditions worldwide.

Compliant per standard ISO 14644-1,14644-4

Standard Features

Custom Applications
HEPA and ULPA Filtration
Mechanical Expertise


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