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Advantage 200



1.1 Structure
Please provide a (W) x (L) x (H) prefabricated modular structure for interior use manufactured by Allied Modular Building Systems, Inc. or equal. Building is shipped disassembled with all hardware for on-site assembly.

1.2 Installation
Please provide installation, delivery and pre-wire for the above structure. This includes all travel, installation, labor and any other expenses that may be incurred to install the walls, doors, ceiling and other non-electrical items.

1.2a Pre-Wire
Please provide all electrical wiring of all outlets, lights, switches and any other electrical components that are required on this project. All concealed electrical shall be encased in flexible aluminum or steel conduit. All exposed conduit shall be encased in steel conduit. All components shall be wired to a load center / subpanel or one location within the proposed structure. If wiring to the load center / subpanel, it shall be wired to breakers that are also provided. All wiring must be field-tested. All wiring shall be completed with 12 GA. minimum THHN type and shall comply with all N.E.C. requirements. All circuits shall be 20 amp single pole or 20 amp 2-pole breakers. A ground wire shall be pulled to all lights, outlets and any other electrical component. This does not include main electrical hookup or phone and data jacks to the main board.

Note: Modular Wiring is not acceptable.

1.3 Freight
Please provide freight to our plant. This includes all freight charges from your facility to ours. The shipper shall file any damages or freight claims. No additional purchase orders for damaged materials will be accepted. The recipient shall incur no costs for freight claims. This shall include all charges for freight, damage, insurance, fuel surcharges and any other costs that may be incurred. This does not include unloading at the destination facility.


2.0 Wall Panels – 2"
The wall shall be 2" thickness minimum, Class "C" (combustible). Panels shall be modular and interchangeable with a minimum thickness on 1-7/8" overall width. The panel shall consist of an insulated rigid polystyrene core permanently laminated to a hardboard combustible material. Heavy-duty vinyl laminated facing shall be permanently applied at the factory and shall be easily cleanable. The panels shall be fully fabricated at the factory for easy installation. No splicing shall be necessary for any panels under 10' total height.

a. Vinyl Laminated Hardboard with a polystyrene foam core

2.1 Base Channel
The base channel shall be anodized aluminum or painted aluminum with a minimum thickness of .080. The base channel shall be anchored at 48" O.C. with 1/2" x 3-1/2" minimum embedded wedge anchor. Anchors shall be included with materials.

2.2 Posts and Framing (Progressive)
Posts shall be anodized aluminum framing channels with minimum temper strength of 6063-T5. The posts will allow for a load to 3,500 lbs but not to exceed 4,000 lbs. Each post shall be an intricate part of the structure. The connecting posts shall serve as an electrical raceway accommodating electrical, data and phone. The raceway shall bear a UL approved sticker and conform to all UL reports.

2.3 Windows (Single Pane)
Windows shall be installed in panels per customer drawing. Windows shall be of the picture-window type or sliding window type per customer drawing. The window glass shall be a minimum 3/16-inch thick clear tempered safety glass pre-mounted in a aluminum frame. Windows shall be a nominal 40 inches in height and extend across the full width of its supporting panel. The windowsill height shall be 41 inches from the floor. The sliding windows shall be able to slide horizontally. The sliding windows shall have locks lockable from the inside of the modular office. Weather stripping shall also be provided with the sliding windows.

2.4 Panel Caps
Anodized aluminum panel caps or manufacturer's standard panel caps incorporating a vertical fascia shall be installed securely on the top perimeter of the wall panels. The panel caps shall provide a neat appearance where the wall panels and roof deck come together.

3.0 Doors
All doors shall be pre-hung at the factory and assembled into panels to ensure easy installation and proper fit. Doors shall be a nominal 36 inches wide by 80 inches high and have thickness of 1-3/8 inches. The interior and exterior finish of the doors shall be color coordinated with the exterior finish of the wall panels. All doors shall have the same finish on both sides. The door types are as follows:

a. 3068 Hollow core door with standard hinges and knob.

3.1 Single Vision Lite / Window in Door (Single pane)
The upper half of doors shall have a 20" x 24" picture window with a minimum 3/16- Inch thick clear tempered safety glass, if requested by the customer. Rubber shall be placed on the inside of all openings.

4.0 Roof Deck
The roof deck shall be a galvanized roll-formed ribbed steel interlocking panel. The roof deck panels shall have a minimum 20-gauge thickness. Panels shall be designed to achieve optimum structural efficiency. The roof deck shall span the full length and width of the modular office and hold a minimum of 10 psf live load and 10 psf dead load and shall conform to Seismic Zone 4 requirements.

5.0 Hardware
Hardware shall be Allied Modular Standard.

6.0 Ceiling
The ceiling shall be suspended from the roof deck and supported by the wall perimeter or in accordance with the manufacturer's standard installation procedures. The suspended ceiling shall consist of white enameled T-bar ceiling grid hung from hanger tabs and 12 gauge wires, mineral fiber tiles with a random fissured finish. The ceiling panels shall be 2 feet wide by 4 feet long by minimum 5/8 inch thick lay-in acoustical panels or equivalent. The ceiling structure shall meet UL Class A Fire Rating with 0-25 flame spread. The T-bar ceiling grid shall provide support for the light fixtures and shall be supported at each corner of each light fixture.

7.0 Heat / Air Conditioner and Opening
Appropriate size wall mounted A/C or HVAC shall be provided in accordance with all local mechanical codes. A Heating/Ventilation/Air Conditioner (HVAC) panel shall be located per customer. The HVAC opening shall be of solid construction. The HVAC opening shall have a reinforced opening to support a minimum 150-pound wall mounted HVAC unit and shall be lined with aluminum trim. There shall be at least 60 inches between the floor and the bottom of the HVAC opening.

8.0 Light Fixtures T-12
Light fixtures shall be recessed in the ceiling. The lay-in light fixtures shall be 2 feet wide by 4 feet long and incorporate T12 4100K lamps with electronic ballasts. Light fixtures shall have a minimum 128-watt capacity and be equipped with diffuser lens. The appropriate quantity of light fixtures shall be located in the ceiling such that a minimum of 50-foot candles lighting at a height of 3 feet from the floor is evenly maintained throughout the modular office. Tubes are not included.

8.1 Light Switches
A light switch shall be provided at each doorway. Light switches shall be located on the interior wall and opposite the door hinges. Light switches shall be conveniently placed for easy access. Light switches shall be located 42 inches in height from the floor. Light switches shall be provided with cover plates. Light switches shall conform to the National Electric Code.

8.2 Electrical Outlets
Wall outlets shall be standard 110-volt AC duplex outlets. Wall outlets shall be located as shown on drawings. Wall outlets shall be a nominal 18 inches in height from the floor. A 230-volt outlet shall be installed near the HVAC opening at a height of at least 60 inches to interface with the HVAC power cord. Outlets shall be provided with cover plates. All Outlets shall conform to the National Electric Code.

9.0 Warranty
All materials and workmanship shall be guaranteed to be free of manufacturing defects for a period of one year from the date of shipment. For items not manufactured by Allied Modular, the manufacturers warranty applies. Installation is not covered under warranty unless provided by Allied Modular's factory trained installers.

Advantage 200 Frame Profiles

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