Prefabricated Modular Products

Modular Overview

Nothing has a greater impact on the environment than the use and design of space.

Our modular wall systems are highly adaptable - moveable, easily repaired, easily changed and have many advantage over Conventional Construction. They shorten schedules, lower operating costs and provides complete flexibility, but it is the perpetual renovation and reconfigurations where modular drastically pays off. Due to the modular nature of these pre-engineered buildings, panels, doors, and walls can all be moved, reworked, and redesigned, no experts needed. The end result is an excellent long and short-term investment that delivers and environmentally sustainable workspace.

Good office design doesn't have to be dependent on consultations with high-priced architects or engineers. Whether your needs are big or small, we can build everything from a sizable two-story office complex down to a small office partition and everything in between. These walls are readily available in over 100 custom colors and have the ability to change the attitude of your employees. No matter what your need, the adaptability of these structures will fit your requirements.

Make a purchase that will allow your office productivity to grow with ease. Choose Indoff, Inc - Material Handling Division, and you'll be making a smart design choice.

Product Uses

Our system is so versatile; it can be used for just about any application.

Below are just a few uses that our system is perfect for.

• Administration offices
• Lobby areas
• Interior office complexes
• Full height office partitions
• Shop partitions
• Machine enclosures
• CMM enclosures
• Temperature control rooms
• EDM enclosures
• Cleanrooms
• Single story offices
• Two story offices
• Sound booth enclosures
• Guardhouses
• Security Booths
• Service booths
• Factory dividing walls
• Garage offices
• Vision Towers
• Lunchrooms
• Break rooms
• Dark Rooms
• Tool Rooms
• Telephone and Server rooms
• Communication rooms
• Video rooms
• Control rooms
• Conference rooms
• Storage enclosures
• Shipping and receiving offices
• Music rooms
• Dressing rooms

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